Coru Kayak Rentals

Foldable Kayak Rental Service in Flagstaff, AZ.

Coru Kayak Rentals offers origami-style Oru Kayaks that are foldable, portable, and easy to set up.

The 25lb Kayak transforms from a suitcase into a reliable kayak within minutes.

A quick folding tutorial is provided for the adventurer.

Your Adventure Awaits!

No Truck? No Trailer? No Problem! An Oru Kayak easily secures in the trunk of a sedan.

(Pile a few into the bed of a truck or an SUV!)

The kayaking destinations in Northern Arizona offer beautiful scenery, comfortable weather and immaculate vibes.

It's a beautiful day to visit the following places:

Lake Mary (20 min) ,

Clear Creek (55 min),

Kaibab Lake (30 min),

Dog Town Lake (45 min),

Blue Ridge Reservoir (1hr 15min/worth the drive),

Lake Powell (2hr 30min/ Self Guided Tour @ Lower Antelope Canyon)

These are the most popular destinations! However, there are many more kayaking destinations near Flagstaff, Arizona.

CORU KAYAK RENTALS will be closed from Sept 13th- Sept 18th.

If you'd like to make a reservation after 9/18, send us a detailed text or email including the day(s) of interest, number of kayaks and a callback number.

Please call or email in advance to make a reservation ---> (480) 993-5493 /

Kayaks Available for Rent:

Inlet Kayak - Single Person 10-foot (275 lb limit) open face kayak (easiest to fold/best for a sedan)

Beach LT Kayak - Single Person 12-foot (300 lb limit) open face kayak

Haven TT - Two Person 16-foot (500lb weight limit) open face TANDEM kayak.

(Haven TT converts into a single person kayak as well)

Both single person sizes can accommodate a dog or small child.

Prices start at $50 per kayak per day.

Kayak Oar and Life Vest included in rental.

Add Ons available :

Dry Bag (keep your phone & keys dry)

Seat Cushion (extra comfort)

$125 hold deposit required per kayak

$250 hold deposit required for Haven TT Kayak

Pick up and Drop off your Rented Kayaks at our location.

(The address on Google is correct. This is a small business)

The Story of Coru Kayak Rentals

I (Cory) fell in love with the Oru Kayak for the insanely convenient portability to the great outdoors. I decided I want to share this convenience and accessibility of the Oru Kayak with others, and now Coru Kayak Rentals is here to help. We are here to aid you on your next adventure in experiencing the beautiful waters in Northern Arizona.

Outdoor Accessibility

One Beach LT and Three Inlet Kayaks placed into the back of an SUV.

These kayaks compare to a suitcase in both size and weight.

Portability for All

Two Inlet Kayaks tucked away into the trunk of a SEDAN.

Believe it or not! This group stored a third kayak in the back seat and all three of them kayaked down clear creek for the day.

Hatchback Holds 4 Kayaks


Loaded Up

Another Beautiful Day @ Clear Creek